Technews 4 everyone: Facebook for every phone App

Facebook for every phone App

Facebook finishes sending a new application developed in Java that will facilitate the use of popular re social while you are in movement. This software is thought for devices of average and low range, apart from which it saves the consumption of data so that the user does not spend too much in updating his state, to see his notifications, et cetera. The advantage of this app is that it allows you to use several of the characteristics of Facebook from the movable telephone, like the news of your contacts, mailbox of entrance and photographies, as well as to be able to find to your friendly through the agenda of the moving body. With for Facebook Every Phone all the functionality is obtained that one can have in a portable device in more than 2500 different models and will be available world-wide from now on. In order to unload app you can visit and slide until the part inferior of the page where it is the Link or enter directly to

  Source: Youtube's Channel


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