Technews 4 everyone: Videogames the dominant means of the future?

Videogames the dominant means of the future?

Hide Kojima, better well-known by its roll to guide the series Metal Gear Solid, of Konami, does not think that in the future videogame will be continued using the term “videogame “. Instead of this, he thinks that a new word will be created to replace it. “In these days, the business of the video games is a very important industry that it exceeds to the cinema in terms of utilities “, says Kojima… “… But when I began this I was a very different history. In that then, industry of the game it was done for frustrated people, with its fractured dreams because they could not obtain the works that really wanted. Nowadays, indistria has matured and is a wonderful place where some of the talent people in their fields remove advantage from the technological capacities that today are had and astonished to the world with their works. In the future near, I believe that the term videogame will vanish in the measurement that our industry evolves and possibly will absorb to the industries of music and the cinema to create a complex and complete form of digital entertainment “. Independent of the opinion of Kojima, the evolution is clear than today we called videogames, we compared if them and so there was as soon as 10 years ago. We think about the Wii Fit or any game that uses Kinect. When we would have imagined these advances? However, it is about to see if the industry of the videogames can absorb to the one of the cinema and music. We are not sure that this can happen. Certainly the present videogames good can seem a very complex film yet, sort of scenes, and to a certain extent talking back what it sees in films, but of there to that the industry of playing absorbs the industry to eat popcorn and to see a film, because it would be about to see itself.

Source:Yahoo News


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