Technews 4 everyone: Two Ipad in a year?

Two Ipad in a year?

As much iPad 3 as iPhone 5 could make their debut in September of this year, according to DigiTimes. Blog Taiwanese, frequent source of rumors of Apple, says that these devices could enter production in a moment. Mentioning “industrial sources”, DigiTimes says that iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will be announced in September and positions on sale in October. Although there have been signals that Apple would send so much iPhone smaller, as well as iPhone 5, DigiTimes says that the company will only reveal a model of smartphone in autumn. According to the report, iPad 3 also is in production plans, apart from which both iDevices will have “small volumes in August”, to only increase the manufacture in September and August. DigiTimes names to several companies that could act like suppliers including a Foxconn, that would be the assembler; other companies are Simplo Technologies and Dynapack International Technology for batteries; TPK Holding and Wintek for tactile panels and Release Precision for the camera.

Source:  PC Mag


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