Technews 4 everyone: Apple refines iPod

Apple refines iPod

Whenever Apple summons to the press in San Francisco (Californian, the USA) the world hopes to see the next fashionable technological juguetito. This time, the main new features go to the world that surrounds to the popular reproducer iPod. The company/signature of the apple needs to update it so that iPhone does not die before the push of more complete devices like the telephone or the digital tablet iPad.iPod, presented/displayed in 2001, relaunched to Apple in the market of the electronics of consumption of masses. But in spite of to have sold 275 million these devices, the numbers of the second quarterly one already show with clarity the cannibalism that there is between products of the mark. The fall in the sales of the digital reproducer takes rate and are already at levels of four years ago.In order to contain damages, Apple begins giving a rinsing to the Nano, that it equips with a touch screen, like the one of the Touch, it reduces and it to a size that remembers the Shuffle. This last one reclaims the bellboys. With respect to the Touch, it is the most popular reproducer. Now one appears finer and it incorporates the same improvements of iPhone 4, like the frontal camera and screen of hi-res.The AppleTV does not allow to record videos, since the popular TiVo does. Steve Jobs spoke besides 200 unloaded applications to the second in the devices iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. And of which there are days in which more of a million people they visit some of the stores that it has in a ten of countries, where half of the buyers is new users of the Apple products.


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