Technews 4 everyone: UNAM and NASA investigate the Mars life

UNAM and NASA investigate the Mars life

Scientific researches realised by the UNAM and the NASA demonstrated that Mars counted more ago than 4 thousand 500 million years with sky, Lagos and channels of rivers majors to the Amazon, but a climatic change congealed everything, apart from which this planet shares with the Earth “a common Biology”. For that reason they will transfer in 2011 a robot to realise analysis and will send certain plants, among them pink, to see if they survive and they bloom.Chistopher McKay, of the NASA, explained that the results obtained with the equipment of the UNAM and with collaboration of the University of Arizona, they leave from the investigations conducted for 10 years in places with conditions similar to those of Mars, like the desert of Atacama, Chile; the desert of the Jewel, Peru; the one of Mojave, the EU, and the Tip of Orizaba, in Veracruz.They are results that, according to McKay, take a passage in front of the theories of 35 years ago of which in Mars, simply, never there was life and, for this reason, with Mexican Navarrese Rafael, of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the UNAM, will comprise of the next mission that will cross the planet, in September and November of 2011, with a called robot Peculiar that will occur to the task of tracking biological organic compounds and simple microorganisms, that they will maintain its investigations of which there are evidences of life in the red planet. Navarrese, who counted for the investigation with 420 million dollars, one will be in charge to analyze the organic components that the robot within the Jet propulsion laboratory of the NASA collects. McKay said that “we are going to present/display all this accumulated knowledge in the search of organic elements. This new understanding abre new opportunities to investigate the life… Now we realize that the Mars rocks left the planet and entered the Earth, and imagined that those rocks could have brought life, thus is that they must share a common Biology”. And for that reason, it added, within the scientific projects of the NASA is “to investigate if the Earth life can survive in Mars. He is not something that has been made now, but we are working in designing a mission of growth of plants, to see if, for example, a rose, could grow in Mars, and thus we would have one pretty and beautiful red rose”. Peter Smith, who was in charge of the model of power plant in Venus in the 1978 mission, explained that the results obtained by Navarrese and their equipment are fundamental, since when detecting perclorato in the previous expeditions can be concluded that was calcium carbonate, that forms through liquid water, as well as nitrate. “This can change everything what it was believed on Mars”. The challenge to cause that Mars is inhabitable, asserted, is how to warm up it, and we counted on the technology sufficient to obtain it and “to be in Mars by three months”. The investigations also give results that will change history exceeds where the life arose. “We think that Mars had conditions of habitability, a dense atmosphere and liquid water, does more than 4 billions of years, just when the life arose in the Earth. “We know that there was rock interchange between Mars and the Earth, and could have taken bacteria from a planet to another one. We do not know where the life arose, but could have passed or have interchanged place, and we spoke of microbial life, that as all the alive beings contain nitrogen, I oxygenate, phosphorus, carbon and sulphur”, explained Navarrese; nevertheless, it emphasized, in Mars was “a climatic change, its atmosphere he became tenuous, it disappeared carbon dioxide that makes the greenhouse effect and this caused that the water was congealed”. Previous studies For Navarrese McKay and many of the theories that denied the Mars life, like the Vikingo mission, obey to that the studies without sophisticated technology became that allowed to detect great amounts of organic compounds, of the order of 400 parts per million, and that the chlorine is not in the form of chlorides but of perclorantes. “In the Vikingo mission they considered that the perclorantes were product of the contamination of the explorers, but we, when doing the study based on warming up the obtained ground of the deserts that contain perclorantes to more than 500 degrees Celsius, discovered that oxygen is freed. We have carefully repeated the same experiments of 35 years ago, and have demonstrated that the obtained clorohidrocarburos are been from the percloratos with organic matter”, asserted. The investigation also tries to find evidence of present life and to obtain data of the global Earth heating to prevent possible disasters. 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