Technews 4 everyone: Eric Schmidt on Google TV and the future of the search

Eric Schmidt on Google TV and the future of the search

The CEO of Google today gave one keynote next to some of their engineers during the closing of the conference of the technological fair IFA 2010, that was loaded of commentaries on towards where they want to take the searches in the future, some announcements and demonstrations. Step to tell them most interesting: On the one hand, it confirmed the launching of Google TV for the autumn (boreal), emphasizing that the service will concentrate so much in gratuitous content as payment. At the beginning of next year also the Android Market to Google will extend TV, and other countries besides the United States will be added. Sony and Logitech already glide to send to televisions integrating the service. They also made a small demonstration of the service, that Integra the search with the content of an interesting form, through special a remote control (that could also be operated with the voice), or of our moving bodies, we will be able to realise searches while we see something in tele, sure, in the same tele. They imagine " minimizar" a series to a species of picture in picture to clear a fast doubt with a search in google, sounds well. On treatments with the television networks, nothing was said, and that is one of the important points for the success of this initiative. A vision of the future of the searches Besides presenting/displaying Google TV, Eric Schmidt dedicated awhile of his char it to count how they see in Google the searches future. The term that used was " humanity aumentada" talking about that nowadays we have the information in the end of our fingers, and that with smartphone and the software search of objects


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