Technews 4 everyone: HP sends `tablet' of the corporative ones

HP sends `tablet' of the corporative ones

Hewlett-Packard (HP) presented/displayed one tablet with software Windows and that aims at the corporative clients. Slate 500 of HP tries to talk back the experience of a PC in a tablet form, which would differentiate to the product of other rivals who more are focused in giving to the tablets a sense of intelligent telephone. The Slate uses the same version of Windows 7 that owns many companies in their standard PC. The tablet has a price of 799 dollars, whereas iPad goes of 499 to 829 dollars, following the model. The HP tablet has a touch screen of 8,9 inches, it weighs 1,5 pounds (0,7 kilos) and comes with a capacity of storage of 64 gigabytes and with a digital pencil. The computer has a battery with five hours of duration. The equipment comes equipped with accessories for Wi-Fi, but with incorporated capacity not to connect itself to networks for cellular of high speed, as if they have iPad, the Galaxy Tab of Samsung Electronics and the Streak de Dell. Carol Hess-Nickels, director of enterprise marketing of notebook of HP, stressed the utility for the businesses of the Slate. The executive hope that the retail companies, of health and insurances, among others, develop applications as they can take advantage of the portability the apparatus. " It is really like a PC with all functions, uses Windows, it will have the applications of the office, the unique thing is that it is in the form of pizarra" , Hess-Nickels said. The Slate now is available in line, and the company will begin to commercialize it to the companies by means of its equipment of direct sales.


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