Technews 4 everyone: HP announces at world-wide level tablet and smartphones

HP announces at world-wide level tablet and smartphones

A new generation of movable devices based on the operating system webOS of Palm, among them one tablet and two smartphones, was announced by Hewlett-Packard in past days. HP said that each one of the new devices play a distinguishing roll in their strategy with webOS, a product family who will be growing to satisfy to the users in the new movable panorama. The announcement became during the event of press " Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond" , realised in San Francisco and headed by Jon Rubinstein, vice-president and chief of a main directorate of the global unit of businesses of Palm for HP, and Todd Bradley, vice-president of the group of personal system of HP Palm. Gadget " star" of the presentation it was TouchPad, one tablet of 740 grams of weight and 13,7 millimeters in thickness, similar in size and dimensions to iPad of Apple, with capacitive touch screen of 9,7 inches diametrical and resolution XGA, of 1024 xs 768 pixels. TouchPad, that is based on version 3.0 of webOS, runs under a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon model 8660 of dual nucleus to 1.2GHz, it counts on 1 Gigabyte of ram memory, and will offer capacities of 16 and 32 Gigabytes of internal flash memory. Megapixeles also has a frontal camera of 1,3 for videollamadas, for which the company said that they are working with Skype to qualify this function in the device.

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