Technews 4 everyone: Sony Ericsson presents the first cellular PlayStation

Sony Ericsson presents the first cellular PlayStation

Sony Ericsson revealed Sunday its awaited intelligent telephone that also works like PlayStation, transferring the war of consoles of game to the cellular telephones. The movable PlayStation of Sony will compete with the Xbox Live de Microsoft, available in the system Windows Phone 7. " The console wars are happening to the movable platform, but Microsoft and Sony Ericsson must cover a significant land if they wish to shorten the breach with Apple" , Geoff Blaber, an analyst of CCS Insight said. The new model, call Xperia Play, open a better access to the greater world-wide market of movable telephones for venture of Swedish Ericsson and Japanese Sony Corp. Sony Ericsson said that Verizon Wireless will sell the model in the United States. Sony Ericsson also revealed other models of movable telephone that work with software Android de Google and said that it glides to send at least to eight east Android telephones year. " We want to become the manufacturing major of Android" telephones; , it said Bert Nordberg, president of Sony Ericsson in an interview with Reuters, adding that the company will have to increase its participation of market in Android to near a 25 percent from a 14 present percent. Android has quickly become the favorite platform for many manufacturers of telephones that have put models on sale similar to fight against Nokia and Apple.

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