Technews 4 everyone: Livestand of Yahoo!

Livestand of Yahoo!

Yahoo has presented/displayed “Livestand”, a digital kiosk for tablets that will be available in iPad and Android in the first semester of this year, according to has informed TechCrunch. At the moment information has not extended on the prices.Although this platform will allow Yahoo to show its contents in adapted formats these movable devices, the publishers also will be able to use it to arrive at the readers and to offer more customized content. On the other hand, the advertisers will be able “to create customized experiences of mark with announcements that adapt and respond or the interaction with the user and to combine the interactivity of a tablet with the advertising experience to construct a mark”. First in proving “Livestand” they will be the Americans. He will be before the next summer. This platform personalizeable, tie to the social networks, appears like a possible alternative to one of the applications with more success in iPad, Flipboard, but with the added value of which also it will work in Android and, later, in other systems.

Image: Google images

Source: TechCrunch


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