Technews 4 everyone: Meebox Slate, one tablet done in Mexico

Meebox Slate, one tablet done in Mexico

The war of tablets is about to begin and Meebox, a jalisciense company did not want to lose the opportunity to create a designed equipment to offer entertainment and productivity, and that as well, it was around devices like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and Blackberry PlayBook. The processor of the new Meebox Slate is Intel Atom N450 with 1,66 Ghz, in addition it counts on 1 GB of ram DDR2, extraíble memory SSD of 32 GB, touch screen of 11,6 inches, GPS integrated, two ports USB, one webcam of 1,3 megapixeles and like operating system the 7 Windows Home Premium. ' tablet' also Integra connection 3G and for the users who also prefer the device incorporates a card of network for connections by means of wi-fi and bluetooth. Their applications allow to sail in Internet, to share photos, to export archives, to realise videoconferences, as well as to have all the information available with a single touch. Lourdes Of Santiago, cofounder of Meebox, said that two years ago initiated the adventure next to 50 people with the unique aim to make one tablet suitable 100% to the needs of the Mexican market and that could be used of the same form that a desktop computer. At the same time, the company tapatía assured that its product is more powerful than iPad by its capacity of processing and even in the first eight hours after its launching in the ESC (Consumer Electronics Show), the greater fair of electronics of the world made specific 90 orders of sale. With three models and costs that go of 7 thousands 499 until the 10 thousand 600 pesos, the Slate is available in and next in departmental stores. Meebox could comprise of the substantial pie of the market of tablets, since in agreement with the Gartner consultant, the past year 19,5 million tablet were sold, and a growth of the 181% in the sale of these equipment for this 2011 is expected, reason why to the closing already 54,7 million of tablets will have been surpassed anywhere in the world. 
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