Technews 4 everyone: A rumor, sale of Twitter to Facebook and Google

A rumor, sale of Twitter to Facebook and Google

The delegated advisor of Twitter, Dick Costolo, described as " rumors" the supposed intentions of purchase of the american company on the part of Facebook or Google, and indicated that it does not know " from where they come this type of things". In a press conference in the world-wide congress of movable telephony that is celebrated in Barcelona, Costolo assured that the social network will look for in 2011 to simplify and to homogenise the multiple versions that its page Web has based on the apparatus from which it is consulted. According to information of " The Wall s$street Journal" of the past weekend, Facebook and Google would have maintained conversations with Twitter on a possible acquisition of the company, whose value could have located in 10 billions of dollars. The delegated advisor of the company emphasized that the majority of the users of Twitter consults the social network from different devices and that the page of " microblogging" he must be simplified so that the contents are not repeated whenever the internaut accedes to his account from his computer, from " smartphone" or through other movable apparatuses.



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