Technews 4 everyone: Twitter will incorporate translation system

Twitter will incorporate translation system

Twitter will incorporate a tool to translate contents, as Facebook already does. Thus announcement Dick Costolo, President of Twiiter, during the Mobile World Congress 2011, an event of movable technologies celebrated in Barcelona. “Twitter is being prepared to be an authentic world-wide phenomenon”, said Costolo. The first languages that will be available for this system of translation will be the Turk, the Russian, Indonesian and the Portuguese. As it is of assuming, the intention is to make of this social network one more a more powerful, ideal tool for the citizen denunciation as or it happened to the conflict in Egypt, that has registered the anecdotes of many inhabitants of that country through Twiiter, or since it happened a year ago, with the earthquake of Haiti, when this social network became a forum to request aid and to look for missing. “With this, Twitter will be more useful, simpler to use and will be always present when it is needed to him”, it added. This tool will not be used in the platform of announcements of the social network.



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