Technews 4 everyone: Google+ already has acceptance between the users

Google+ already has acceptance between the users

The beginning of Google+ woke up the interest of many internauts who are eager to prove the new social proposal. The avalanche was like the finder was forced to cancel the system of registry via invitation. The Web that Google qualified to distribute the invitations shows yesterday from a message in which it informs that " capacity" has exceeded his;. " We have closed the mechanism of invitations at night " , it informed Vic Gundotra, representative of the social area of Google, in its account of Twitter. " We must do this with well-taken care of and of under control" , it asked according to publish several specialized means. The capacity to send invitations became paralyzed to few hours of the launching. The rage that is causing the new social bet of Google opposes with other previous social projects, like Buzz, that did not manage to conquer the cybernauts. Some from which they had the luck to obtain an account in Google+ decided to for sale put the invitations through the network, in sites of auctions online like eBay. Some cybernauts got to pay up to 75 dollars to have access and to prove the social network. The fever by Google+ also arrived at Twitter, in which hashtag " proving Google" topic became trending. Thousands of tweets request invitations to know the latest the giant of Internet. 

Source: Google News


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