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Google+ project

Until now the social networks have had a single unquestionable winner, we are speaking of Facebook, by all means. But the things good could change in a moment of course, thanks to the entrance in scene of the Google giant. Google+ Project is a project that it looks for to create a social network in the style of Facebook, but that simultaneously shows many improvements and characteristics that could overthrow the giant of the great “f”. Google Project+ is in truth a set of small applications that work to each other to create a social platform that offers to major control to its users to decide the things that share and with they share whom it. This is thanks to the existence of Circles, an application that allows to group the contacts of a user in social circles so that certain information with a group only shares, and certain information with another group.
To Circles it adds to another called application +Hangouts, which allows to do chat in group with the circles established in Circles. It is possible to make vídeollamadas in groups of up to 10 members and thus coordinating things between friendly or simply to spend the time talking from your PC. Interesting, they do not create?
Another application that is added to Google+ Project is +Sparks. This application allows you to establish your interests on the matter and thus show to excellent content and information. If it is very interesting you can share, it with your contacts and groups and thus to interact more between the circles than you have established.

More applications for Google+ Project are being prepared as it advances east project. It seems that this social network will be to modulate and will allow to work simultaneously with several applications, something never before seen in the social networks.

At the moment Google+ Project is in test state and he only by means of invitations can be acceded to.

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